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Frequently Asked Questions

General Web Portal FAQs

1. I typed in the membership ID and the PIN number but the system replies that they do not match, can you help?

2. While registering, I typed in my membership ID and PIN Code but the system replies that it is invalid?

3. While activating my account, after I entered my email address, the following message appears: “Your email address is already in use by another ID.”

4. My family members and I share 1 email address but we have several membership IDs. How can all of us use the website when we cannot register with the same email address?

5. My Chapter/District information is incorrect.

6. I changed my address while viewing my account in the contributions area but it did not change in the subscriptions area or vice-versa.

7. I tried to log into my account and it says that my account is blocked or disabled or I clicked “This is not me” and now my account is blocked. Can you help me?

8. I need a PIN CODE to access the website but when I select “Send me my PIN CODE”, it never arrives at my email address.

9. How do I get my membership card?

10. I haven’t registered yet. How do I register?

11. I lost my PIN. How do I register?

12. I don’t have an e-mail address in your system or I don’t remember what e-mail I have in the system. How do I register?

Online E-edition FAQs

1. How do I access this online E-edition?

2. How can I download issues onto my iPhone or iPad so I can read them when I'm not connected to the internet?

3. How do I access back issues in the e-edition?

4. Why can’t I purchase the E-edition of World Tribune and Living Buddhism if I live outside the United States and Caribbean?

5. I’m an SGI-USA member travelling outside the United States. Why can’t I access my E-editions online?

6. How can I see my publication fullscreen?

General Subs FAQs

1. I just placed my order online. When will my delivery begin?

2. How do I submit a change of address?

3. Can I temporarily suspend delivery?

4. What is your refund policy?

5. What should I do if my publication has not arrived?

6. Where can I find my expiration date?

7. Where can I find my subscriber ID?

8. How can I receive back issues?

9. What happens if I received a damaged issue?

10. I only ordered one subscription but I am receiving duplicate issues. What should I do?

11. I tried to place an order online, but I received an error message even after various attempts. After checking my banking statement, I have been charged multiple times. Can you credit back the additional charges and just keep the one for my order?

12. How many issues come in an annual subscription?

13. Can I order World Tribune and Living Buddhism separately?

14. Auto-Renewal Subscriptions

15. Changing Your Auto-Renew Settings

General Contributions FAQs

1. Why aren’t my most recent contributions appearing on the website? My check cleared…I mailed it in several weeks ago…I handed it in at the last World Peace Prayer meeting….

2. Where can I mail my contribution check or money order?

3. Where can I get more information about different types of financial contributions? (i.e. Estate planning ….. Employer Matching funds…etc…)

4. Why don't my smaller contributions appear on the website?