Soka Spirit

May 04, 2018 - May 07, 2018

May 04 - May 07

What is the focus of this conference?

The name Soka Spirit derives from the “Soka Gakkai spirit” that SGI President Ikeda often cites. To protect the Law for the people, for all of us and the future generations, based on the example set for us by the Daishonin. This has been the spirit of the successive Soka Gakkai presidents: Toda and Makiguchi. . . .

The Soka Spirit may be described as the authentically Buddhist perspective on belief, practice and learning. It reflects the conviction that all living beings, all people, equally share the potential for supreme enlightenment. It views Buddhism as existing to empower all people equally, regardless of race, nationality, sex, social class, or position, to develop the highest form of wisdom and genuine happiness in their lives.

Who should apply to this conference?

  • Open to all SGI-USA members. (Must be at least 16 years of age. Youth under the age of 18 will need a minor consent form.)

Who are the facilitators?

Andy Nagashima

SGI-USA Study Department Vice Men's Leader

Karen Harvey

Region Vice Women's Leader

Kathy Sotomura

Zone Vice Women's Leader

Tommy Vogtman

Zone Men's Leader

Jenay Tally

Youth Facilitator

Ayumi Inoue

Youth Facilitator

(Due to unexpected schedule changes, facilitators may change.)