Many Treasures Group Conference #1 (Japanese)

Jun 20, 2014 - Jun 23, 2014

Jun 20 - Jun 23

What is the focus of this conference?

SGI President Ikeda urges: "There is no retirement age in life. How, then, could there be any 'going into retirement' in the world of faith? The Buddhist Law is eternal, extending across the three existences of past, present and future, and the benefits of faith include perennial youth and eternal life." This conference is for Nichiren Buddhist practitioners ages 65 and above, and will focus on bringing forth the youthful and eternal benefits of faith. Through study sessions and lectures, experiences and dialogue sessions, participants will share the joy of practicing Nichiren Buddhism.

Who should apply to this conference?

  • Open to all Many Treasures Group members

Who are the facilitators?

Fred Zaitsu

Many Treasures Group Men's Leader

Kazue Elliot

SGI-USA Many Treasures Group Women's Leader

(Due to unexpected schedule changes, facilitators may change.)