Korean Language

Apr 20, 2018 - Apr 23, 2018

There will be a Gosho lecture with Q&A, theme presentations, and many heartfelt experiences, as well as personal and group guidance sessions in Korean. In addition, all exhibits including the ‘Humanism of Lotus Sutra’, ‘Ikeda Hall’, and ‘Peace Garden’ will be guided by Korean speaking docents.

Apr 20 - Apr 23

What is the focus of this conference?

This conference will be an opportunity for Korean speaking members to refresh their determination to support the 50,000 Lions of Justice campaign in 2018.

In the President’s Ikeda’s message for the 2017 Korean Language Group at FNCC, he states, “I urge the members of the Korean Language Group to burn with the indomitable spirit of Soka, telling yourselves: “I will never give in! I will win in the end!” No matter what happens, please chant daimoku as you advance along the grand path of “happiness and victory equals kosen-rufu.””

Through the Korean Language Conference, every participant will be encouraged to become happy and victorious by accomplishing youth shakubuku and advancing kosen-rufu.

Who should apply to this conference?

  • Open to all SGI-USA Korean speaking members and their families. (Must be at least 16 years of age. Youth under the age of 18 will need a minor consent form.)

Who are the facilitators?

Julie Yeo

SGI-USA Korean Language Group Coordinator

Sung Chun Lee

SGI-USA Korean Language Group Coordinator

Akemi Bailey Haynie

SGI-USA Women's Leader

Kwan Choi

East Territoy 4D Leader

(Due to unexpected schedule changes, facilitators may change.)