Courageous Freedom Group (LGBTQ) Conference

Jun 03, 2022 - Jun 06, 2022

Jun 03 - Jun 06

What is the focus of this conference? We are ALL pioneers!!!

The mission of the Courageous Freedom Group is the essence of the SGI's pioneering spirit: Through sharing this life-affirming teaching that celebrates diversity, we vow to advance the humanistic principles of Buddhism both within and outside the community, offering hope, pride, courage, and confidence in living the most value-creative and happy lives.

Engraving the pioneer spirit in our hearts and daily lives, we will deepen our resolve to be the foundation of a society where genuine respect and appreciation for self and others is the "norm."

Full of admiration and appreciation for these brave pioneers of kosen-rufu..., Shin'ichi continued: "We are able to grow crops because someone has cleared and cultivated the land. Those who have pioneered new frontiers are truly praiseworthy. It is such pioneers who receive the greatest benefit. (The New Human Revolution, vol. 11, p. 109)

Who should apply:

Open to all SGI-USA members at least 16 years of age who consider themselves to be LGBTQIA+, as well as allies.

For minors under 18, a signed minor consent form is required.